Advanced Magnet Lab: Revolutionizing the Magnet Supply Chain for Motors and Generators

The Advanced Magnet Lab (AML), located in Melbourne, Florida, is revolutionizing the magnet supply chain with its innovative approach to magnet technology. By enabling the use of lower-cost materials, novel design and manufacturing techniques, AML is transforming the way magnets are used in motors and generators.

 Advanced Magnet Lab: Revolutionizing the Magnet Supply Chain for Motors and Generators
Advanced Magnet Lab Revolutionizing the Magnet Supply Chain for Motors and Generators

Magnets are a critical component in various industries, including electrical, manufacturing, consumer products, and transportation. However, the magnet supply chain has been dominated by China, which produces over 85% of the world’s supply. This dominance has created a high barrier to entry for competitors, limiting innovation and driving up costs.

Traditional magnet manufacturing methods have remained unchanged for decades, resulting in expensive magnets with limited design options. AML’s approach is to design and manufacture magnets that are optimized for performance and cost. They focus on improving materials, manufacturing processes, performance, and assembly to reinvent the magnet supply chain.

AML’s portfolio includes several groundbreaking solutions. Their PM-Wire technology uses a wire-like manufacturing process to produce magnets with improved performance and lower costs. They also offer PM-UNIFORM magnets with various shapes and magnetizations that simplify assembly and reduce part count. PM-AXIAL magnets provide breakthrough benefits for motors, while PM-360 magnets offer increased performance and reduced weight.

By replacing conventional magnets with PM-Wire technology, AML has demonstrated significant improvements in motors. For example, they have replaced the north-south pole configuration in industrial motors with PM-AXIAL, resulting in increased performance, higher operational temperature, and reduced weight. In electric vehicle motors, they have replaced thousands of magnets with just eight PM-360 rings, eliminating the need for active cooling.

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AML’s unique approach extends beyond technology. They work closely with end-use product customers to optimize motor designs for performance and cost. Their proprietary software allows for comprehensive design studies, considering a range of alloy materials and magnet types. AML’s state-of-the-art manufacturing line can produce non-sintered magnet solutions at full capacity, with plans to establish full-rate capabilities for sintered magnets.

AML is supported by the U.S. government and industry partners in their mission to establish a sustainable domestic supply chain. They are collaborating with ReElement Technologies to recycle end-of-life products and extract rare earth oxides for magnet production.

By revolutionizing the magnet supply chain, AML is paving the way for lower-cost, high-performance motors and generators in various industries. Their innovative approach is set to disrupt the traditional magnet market and reduce dependence on foreign adversaries for critical materials.

 Advanced Magnet Lab: Revolutionizing the Magnet Supply Chain for Motors and Generators
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