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Redway and Joinsun, Redway Battery Group

Welcome to the world of Redway Battery Group, a lively organization focused on making lithium battery packs and energy storage things.

In this group, we have two important parts: Redway and Joinsun. Although they’re both part of Redway Group, they do different things in the industry.

Redway is a big player in the group, working hard to create lithium battery packs and energy storage solutions. Redway really cares about new ideas and keeping our planet healthy. Our goal is to make amazing products that match what different industries need. We are experts at using lithium batteries to save energy for lots of different uses.

Redway and Joinsun, Redway Battery Group

On the flip side, there’s Joinsun, another part of Redway Group, mainly busy making batteries. They take care of everything about batteries, from making stuff, figuring things out, getting what’s needed, all the way to making the final product. Joinsun’s way of working guarantees great quality. Their batteries are both regular and dependable, making sure the market has top-notch batteries whenever they need.

joinsun 21700 4000mAh lithium battery cell product , china lithium cell


joinsun 21700 4000mAh lithium battery cell product , china lithium cells

In the cool range of products from Joinsun, they have the awesome JOINSUN 21700 series battery. This series has 21700-40P, 21700-40E, 21700-45E, 21700-45D, and more. The numbers in the model names tell us how much power the battery has, measured in milliamp hours (mAh). For example, “40” means 4000mAh, and “45” means 4500mAh. These batteries are designed to give us power that’s good and reliable, awesome for lots of stuff that need powerful batteries.

With Redway knowing so much about lithium battery packs and energy things, and Dongguan being super good at making batteries, Redway Group is going to make a big difference in the energy storage world. We’re all about using fancy tech to get better, more reliable, and earth-friendly energy. That’s what people need more of.

To sum it up, Redway Battery Group, with the help of Redway and Joinsun, is changing how we do energy storage. Whether it’s Redway’s cool lithium battery packs or Joinsun’s top-notch battery packs, the group gives us great stuff that’s going to power our future.