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Balcony Micro Home-ESS Review, The Future of 5kWh Market

With Germany allowing 800W photovoltaic systems for plug-and-play, the plug-and-play small solar energy storage system based on micro inverters (Balcony Micro Home-ESS) will once again create new wonders which will disrupt the market for traditional Home-ESS. It can be foreseen that this new direction for the future will lead to the success of several great companies.


Balcony Micro Home-ESS



The commercial value of Balcony Micro Home-ESS

The goal of Balcony Micro Home-ESS is to expand the Home-ESS market by 3-5 degrees of electricity. Its is positioned as a consumer appliance with a 10-year warranty which is capable of eliminating the installation costs that can be several thousand dollars in the case of traditional HOME-ESS. Assuming that the per capita GDP is greater than $30,000 to have the purchasing power for Balcony Micro Home-ESS, if the average selling price of Balcony Micro Home-ESS is $5,000, it would be an affordable and market-driving breakthrough that consumers can readily accept.

For example, the starting price of the Zendure SuperBase V Solar Generator is set at $3,999.

Value of Balcony Micro Home-ESS


It is anticipated that a few years from now, the market penetration rate for Balcony Micro Home-ESS will be 50%, and globally, there will be 360 million households using Balcony Micro Home-ESS.

In recent months, the penetration rate of Balcony Micro Home-ESS in 30 million households in Germany has been 3%. Therefore, there is significant room for growth in the German market, and Balcony Micro Home-ESS represents a quiet blue ocean waiting to be explored in the energy storage industry.

Balcony Micro Storage: A Battlefield for Various Competitors

Currently, several players are involved in the Balcony Micro Storage market:


Zendure introduced the SuperBase V in 2022, which is the first plug-and-play Micro Home-ESS designed for the entire house. It raised $5.39 million in crowdfunding shortly after its release, making it the second-highest Kickstarter campaign in the hardware category.


On April 6, 2023, Zendure released its first Balcony Micro Home-ESS: SolarFlow. Within 7 minutes of its launch, 316 units were sold, generating 500,000 euros. In the first 30 days, the number of sales orders exceeded 4,100 units, bringing in 4.54 million euros.

Zhenghao, Anker, Delanminghai, and Huabao

These are also in the Balcony Micro Storage market with their Home Power System.