PowerAll 48V All-in-One for ESS


This battery is generally used in:
• Home ESS (HESS), Industry and Commerce Energy Storage ESS, etc.
• Cell Optionals: LiFePO4 / NCM / Prismatic / Cylindrical
• Cycle Life: 8,000 times (@25°C / 77℉@60% DOD)
• MOQ: 50
• Delivery: 20 Days
• OEM/ODM / White Label / Customizable: Yes
• Delivery Terms: FOB / EXW / CIF
• Payment: T/T, PayPal, L/C
• Factory: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
• Port of Shipment: Shenzhen Port, China
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Items Specification
Battery Module Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 6
Battery Energy 5.04kWh 10.08kWh 15.12kWh 20.16kWh 25.2kWh 30.24kWh
Battery Capacity 105Ah 210Ah 315Ah 420Ah 525Ah 630Ah
Weight (Inverter+Battery+Base) 64.5kg (142.19 lbs) 108.8kg (239.86 lbs) 153.1kg (337.52 lbs) 197.4kg (435.19 lbs) 241.7kg (532.85 lbs) 285.9kg (630.3 lbs)
Dimension [L*D*H] 580*420*430 mm (22.83*16.53*16.92 inch) 580*420*615 mm (22.83*16.53*24.21 inch) 580*420*800 mm (22.83*16.53*31.49 inch) 580*420*985 mm (22.83*16.53*38.77 inch) 580*420*1170 mm (22.83*16.53*46.06 inch) 580*420*1355 mm (22.83*16.53*53.34 inch)
Cell Type LiFePO4
(Customizable: LiFePO4 / NCM / Prismatic / Cylindrical)
Battery Voltage 48V
Working Voltage 37.5V~54.75V
Maximum Charge Current 100A Continuous
Maximum Discharge Current 100A Continuous
Fast Charging Supports Fast Charging
Charging Temperature 0~50°C (32℉~122℉)
Discharging Temperature -15~55°C (5℉~131℉)
Operating Humidity Range <80%
Nominal Operation Altitude <4000m
Max. Parallel Connection 6
Cycle Life (25°C / 77℉@60% DOD) >8000 Cycles
Cycle Life (25°C / 77℉@80% DOD) >6000 Cycles
Cooling Mode Force Air Cooling
Noise 60 dB
Operation Environment Indoor
Installation Method Horizontal
Self-Discharge Rate <3% per month (25°C / 77℉)
IP Grade IP20 (Higher grade optional)
Battery Case Steel
Monitoring & Protection Smart BMS: Overcharge / OverDischarge / Overcurrent / OverTemperature / ShortCircuit
Communication RS485
Optional Functions Bluetooth / WiFi / CAN / Circuit Breaker / Heating / Active Balance / LED Touch Screen / APP
Accessories Inverter Power Cable, Parallel Cable, Communication Cable, Grounding Wire
Color White / Gray / Black
Design Life 20 Years
Warranty 10 Years
User Manual With the Battery Packaging
Certification & Safety Standard UL / FCC / CE / IEC / RoHS / UN38.3 / MSDS
Regional Standard EU US
PV Charge
Solar Charge Type MPPT
Maximum Output Power 5kWh
PV Charging Current Range 0~80A
PV Operating Voltage Range 120V~500V
MPPT Voltage Range 120V~450V
AC Charge
Maximum Charge Power 2100W
AC Charge Current Range 0~60A 0~40A
Rated Input Voltage 220V / 230V 110V / 120V
Input Voltage Range 90V~280V 90V~140V
AC Output
Rate Output Power 5kW
Maximum Output Current 40A
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Overload Current 40A
Inverter Output
Rate Output Power 5kW
Maximum Peak Power 10kVa 7kVa
Power Factor 1
Rated Output Voltage (Vac) 230V 120V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Auto Switch Period <15ms
THD <3%
Communication Interface USB / RS485 (WiFi / GPRS) Dry node control


Redway PowerAll All-in-One for ESS Datasheet (PDF)

Redway Battery Compliant With:


UL 1642
UL 1973

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