Groundbreaking: Largest Renewable Energy Project Begins at Dulles International Airport

Officials from Dominion Energy and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) recently gathered with federal, state, and local leaders to commemorate the start of construction on the Dulles Solar and Storage project at Dulles International Airport. This ambitious undertaking is set to become the largest renewable energy initiative ever developed at a U.S. airport.


Once completed, the Dulles Solar and Storage project will have the capacity to generate up to 100 megawatts (MW) of solar energy, while also storing up to 50 MW of power. To put this into perspective, it will generate enough clean energy to power over 37,000 Virginia homes at peak output. The electricity produced will primarily serve Dominion Energy Virginia customers.

By combining emissions-free renewables with energy storage, this groundbreaking project aligns with Dominion Energy’s commitment to providing clean and reliable energy to its customers. Bob Blue, the Chair, President, and CEO of Dominion Energy, expressed his excitement for this project, highlighting its significance for the future of clean and reliable energy not only in Virginia but also for the entire nation.

Jack Potter, President and CEO of MWAA, emphasized the importance of this partnership, which will result in the largest renewable energy project ever developed at a U.S. airport. He sees it as a crucial step for MWAA to become an environmentally responsible organization, providing emission-free electricity to meet the growing energy needs of the Dulles community and the National Capital Region.

Senator Mark Warner, a strong advocate for renewable energy, views this project as a model for future initiatives across the country. He believes that with increased federal investments in clean energy, Virginia will continue to lead the way in innovative renewable energy production.

The partnership between Dominion Energy and MWAA also includes a unique lease agreement. Rather than traditional annual lease payments, Dominion Energy will develop two 1 MW solar carports to partially power Dulles facilities. Additionally, the project will provide electric transit buses, electric fleet vehicles, and electric vehicle charging stations for Dulles operations.

The Dulles Solar and Storage project will span 835 acres at Dulles International Airport and is expected to create over 300 jobs and stimulate $200 million in economic activity during the construction phase. After undergoing comprehensive reviews by various state and federal agencies, it received final approval earlier this year.

This groundbreaking initiative at Dulles International Airport represents a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future. It not only showcases the potential for renewable energy projects at airports but also contributes to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly aviation industry.

– Dominion Energy
– Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority