Over 10 Years of Development and Production Lithium Battery

As a global brand, Redway provides comprehensive support for our partners to yield mutual benefits and business success.

Advanced Manufacturing

Redway Battery encompasses advanced manufacturing techniques including custom design capabilities, ultrasonic and resistance welding, prototyping, circuit board designing and contract manufacturing capabilities to manufacture lithium batteries that constantly surpass the industry standards for production efficiency.

Efficient and Intelligent Factory

Using artificial intelligence, image recognition, machine learning, predictive algorithms and other new technologies to build efficient and intelligent factory.

Soft Power of Independent Innovation

Complete engineering and process expert system to activate the creativity of the engineers team.

Advanced Production Efficiency

Constantly breaking through the industry standards for production efficiency.

Product Quality Control

Comprehensive information monitoring along with whole quality control process.

Full Life Cycle Reliability

Life cycle reliability offering 4,000~8,000 life cycles with an impressive 80% depth of discharge.

Material Testing

Tested for chemical composition, degree of oxidation, solvent composition, melting temperature, glass transition, and thermal stability.

Thermal Tolerance

Tested for thermal tolerance and are optimized to operate within a a temperature range of -20~60°C making them reliable solution to your Energy problems.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing which provides thermal and dimensional insights that prevent separator failure and ensure battery safety.

Rheological Profile Testing

Provides critical insights into battery slurries at each manufacturing stage including storage, mixing, coating, and drying.

Performance Evaluation

Testing of the basic functions and lifespan of the products created through research and development.

Manufacturing Vicinity

Manufacturing vicinity includes prototyping, bench-marking and analysis of the battery advantages that make our batteries superior to existing competition.

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