100V 50Ah High Voltage Lithium Battery Module and Rack System (with BCU) / PM-HV10250-3U

Production Info

• Applications: Industrial and commercial energy storage ESS
• Cell: LiFePO4
• MOQ: 1
• Delivery: 20 Days
• Customizable / OEM / ODM: Yes
• Factory: Redway Dongguan
• Delivery Terms: FOB, EXW, CIF
• Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal
• Sea / Air / Land Shipment: 10FT, 20FT, 40FT, 60FT

Redway Battery‘ s 100V 5kWh High Voltage Energy Storage Battery Module and 30kWh Rack System. This is a rack-type High Voltage lithium battery module and Rack System (with BCU) used in commercial, server room, community, and household On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid energy storage system and rack system. It is highly safe, with a low risk of catching fire and heat resistance, has a longer cycle life compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, and offers extensive parallel scalability. This module can be directly connected in series for easy stacking or integrated into a cabinet to meet the diverse needs of different regions and countries users. Inquriy and Contact us.

Battery Module: PM-HV10250-3U Specifications
Cell Type LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 102.4V
Battery Capacity 50Ah
Nominal Energy 5.12kWh
Dimension [L x W x H] 440 x 580 x 132 mm
17.3 x 22.8 x 5.2 in
Weight 43kg
94.8 lb
Working Voltage 37.5V~54.75V
Charge Voltage 54.75V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 37.5V
Maximum Charge Current 50A Continuous
Maximum Discharge Current 50A Continuous
Standard Charging / Discharging Current 25A
Maximum Charging / Discharging Current 50A
Fast Charging Supports Fast Charging
Charging Temperature 0~60°C
Discharging Temperature -20~60°C
Operating Humidity Range <30%
Series / Parallel Number 32S1P
Max. Parallel Connection 6
Cycle Life (25°C / 77℉@60% DOD) >8000 Cycles
Cycle Life (25°C / 77℉@80% DOD) >6000 Cycles
Self-Discharge Rate <3% per month
IP Grade IP20 / (More request)
Battery Case Iron (Surface: black waterproof baking paint)
Monitoring & Protection Smart BMS: Overcharge / OverDischarge / Overcurrent / OverTemperature / ShortCircuit
Communication RS485 / CAN
Optional Functions Bluetooth / WiFi / Circuit Breaker / Heating / Active Balance / LCD Screen / LED Touch Screen / APP
Accessories Inverter Power Cable, Parallel Cable, Communication Cable, Grounding Wire
Pros Support Off-Grid and Hybrid working mode, compact design, wall and floor type
Compatible Inverters Victron / GOODWE / Solis / Growatt / SMA / SAJ / Luxpower / SRNE / Deye / Voltronic, etc.
Connector Quick Plug Connector
Design Life 20 Years
Warranty 10 Years
User Manual With the Battery Packaging
Certifications UL /  IEC / UN38.3 / MSDS / (More request)
Rack System Specifications ->
Model 3P 4P 5P 6P
Number of Modules 3 4 5 6
Nominal Energy 15.36kWh 20.48kWh 25.6kWh 30.72kWh
Nominal Voltage 307.2V 409.6V 512V 614.4V
Working Voltage 240V ~ 350.4V 320V ~ 467.2V 400V ~ 584V 480V ~ 700.8V
Charging / Discharge Current 25A 25A 25A 25A
Peak Discharging Current 60A 60A 60A 60A
Max. Power Output 15kW 20kW 25kW 30kW
Battery Module Model PM-HV10250-3U
Battery Cell Type LiFePO4
Nominal Basic Data 102.4V / 50A / 5.12kWh / 42kg (92.6 lb)
Module Working Voltage 80V~116.8V
Max. Charge/Discharge Current 50A
Working Temperature -20°C~60°C
Ingress Protection IP20 (More request)
Cycle Life (25°C@60%DOD) <8000 cycles
Communication CAN / RS485 / Ethernet
Compatible Inverters Victron / SMA / Goodwe / Sol-Ark / Growatt / Sofar / SRNE / Voltronic / Deye / etc.
Warranty 10 Years
Certifications CE / UN38.3


Q1. Do you actually makes the li-ion batteries, or do you buy and sell them from others?
A1: Redway Power is the OEM/ODM lithium battery factory that designs, manufactures, and sells LFP (LiFePO4) battery products and solutions. We have our own two ISO9001 certified factories with an annual production capacity of 5GWh.

Q2. Can you create custom-designed batteries, or do you only sell what’s already made?
A2: Absolutely, we can create custom-designed batteries to meet your specific needs. We offer products with your own branding and can design batteries for various commercial and industrial energy storage applications, always offering competitive pricing.