AMR, AGV, Forklift Lithium Battery OEM / ODM

Redway specialize in the production of NCM and LFP forklift lithium batteries.

Robotics / AMR / AGV / Forklift / Driverless Transport Systems Lithium Batteries

In light of the expanding prevalence of autonomous vehicles, the necessity for dependable and efficient battery systems becomes even more pronounced. Rechargeable battery packs are now indispensable in providing extended lifespan and rapid charging to fuel various types of autonomous vehicles. Regardless of the programmed purpose, Redway Power excels in designing and manufacturing the perfect battery pack and charger to suit your needs. Whether it's for home and garden applications or industrial warehousing, you can count on Redway Battery to deliver cutting-edge solutions, empowering your autonomous vehicles with optimum performance.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Redway, a premier manufacturer of lithium-ion battery packs located in China, has successfully engineered the AGV lithium-ion battery. This cutting-edge creation boasts unparalleled efficiency, remarkable energy density, and exceptional durability.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Redway AMR lithium batteries we produce for our customers can be very flexible and customized, fast production and delivery to customers

Customized AGV / AMR Lithium Battery

At Redway Battery, we create fully customizable battery packs to seamlessly integrate with your application, regardless of space constraints. Our packs ensure fast charging, extended life cycles, and robust construction for long-lasting high performance. Trust us for tailored solutions that elevate your application's capabilities and durability. Redway Battery provide tailor-made solutions for your AGV, AMR and forklift battery needs. Our offerings include personalized services where you have the flexibility to adjust voltage, capacity, case material, size, shape, charging method, color, display, cell type, and even opt for waterproof protection for your batteries.


LiFePO4 / 11kg


Lithium-ion / 330x236x200 mm / 20kg


LiFePO4 / 520x240x220 mm / 28kg


Lithium-ion / 750x160x400 mm / 50kg


LiFePO4 / 76kg


LiFePO4 / 150x160x298 mm / 13kg


Lithium-ion / 350x280x140 mm / 18kg


Lithium-ion / 570x300x220 mm / 51kg

Forklift & Driverless Transport System Lithium Battery

LiFePO4 / 76kg


LiFePO4 / 1180kg





Redway will provide excellent quality and reasonable quotation

Customized Battery packs

* We specialize in customizable lithium-ion battery packs for AGV, AMR and FORKLIFT.
* Our highly skilled team designs and manufactures innovative solutions at our Battery Technology Centre
* We meet project deadlines and budgets for a global client base.
* Expertise includes high-power packs, BMS, certifications & approvals, heating & cooling systems, CAN communication, long cycle life, and  NVH/thermal simulation.
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