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Redway Produce Energy Storage Battery for Hybrid, Off-Grid, Solar Energy Storage HOME-ESS steadily.

Innovative Energy Storage Solutions for Residential, Commercial, IT, and Solar Applications

Residential Energy Solutions

Elevate your home's energy resilience and sustainability with our advanced residential energy storage solutions.

Commercial Energy Solutions

Empower your business with cost-effective energy management and a reduced environmental footprint through our cutting-edge commercial energy storage systems.

Residential Energy Storage Wall Home-ESS Lithium Battery

24V105Ah / 2.4kWh

LiFePO4 / 420*400*133mm / 25kg

IP65 51.2V100Ah / 5kWh

LiFePO4 / 580*430*155mm / 45kg

51.2V100Ah / 5kWh

LiFePO4 / 532*425*170mm / 45kg

51.2V184Ah / 9.4kWh

LiFePO4 / 535*720*176.8mm / 78kg

Residential & Commercial Energy Storage Movable ESS Lithium Battery


LiFePO4 / 560*560*320mm / 105kg


LiFePO4 / 385*400*295mm / 46kg


LiFePO4 / 770*220*542mm / 80kg


LiFePO4 / 770*220*542mm / 76kg

Residential & Commercial All-in-One Home-ESS


LiFePO4 / 48V / Low Voltage

Residential & Commercial 100V High Voltage Rack ESS System

High Voltage Lithium-ion Module and Rack System

LiFePO4 / 102.4V / High Voltage / MCU

Residential Energy Solutions

In the modern world, energy conservation and cost savings are at the forefront of homeowners' minds. Our residential energy storage solutions provide households with the ability to harness, store, and efficiently use energy from the grid or renewable sources. Benefits include: * Reduced Energy Bills: Say goodbye to fluctuating energy prices with stored energy for peak demand times. * Energy Independence: Gain the power to keep your lights on during outages and reduce your reliance on the grid. * Eco-Friendly Living: Minimize your carbon footprint by utilizing stored renewable energy.

Commercial Energy Solutions

Businesses face complex energy demands, requiring efficient solutions to manage costs and reduce environmental impact. Our commercial energy storage systems cater to a wide range of enterprises, offering: * Energy Cost Management: Control and optimize energy consumption to lower operational expenses. * Business Continuity: Ensure uninterrupted operations during power interruptions or outages. * Sustainability Initiatives: Align your business with environmental goals by using stored renewable energy.

IT Energy Solutions

In the fast-paced world of information technology, reliable and uninterrupted power is paramount. Our IT energy solutions provide: * Critical Power Backup: Keep servers, data centers, and IT infrastructure running seamlessly even in the event of power disruptions. * Energy Efficiency: Optimize power usage for data centers, reducing operational costs. * Scalability: Easily expand your energy storage capacity to meet growing IT demands.

Solar Energy Solutions

Solar power is a cornerstone of the renewable energy revolution, and our solar energy storage solutions enhance its effectiveness: * Maximized Solar Energy Utilization: Store excess energy generated during the day for use during the night or cloudy days. * Grid Independence: Reduce reliance on the grid, making the most of your solar investment. * Sustainable Living: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a greener planet.

Redway Power Storage Wall Lithium Battery
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Shipping to Clients
Shipping to Clients
Redway PowerAll All-in-One Home ESS
Redway PowerAll All-in-One Home ESS Production
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Customized Battery Packs

* We specialize in customizable lithium-ion battery packs for Wall-mounted energy storage lithium battery, All-In-One ESS System, Wheels Mobilty power storage lithium batteries.
* Our highly skilled team designs and manufactures innovative solutions at our Battery Technology Centre
* We meet project deadlines and budgets for a global client base.
* Expertise includes high-power packs, BMS, certifications & approvals, heating & cooling systems, CAN communication, long cycle life, and  NVH/thermal simulation.
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